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I took over the mastering duties from somebody I know for their Radio Show. Sound Of Wonder is an eclectic World Music Radio Show based in Harrogate. I am charged with the mastering of the show and I am good friends with the host, Scooby. In THIS series of Blog posts, I hope to introduce you to some of my clients.

Scooby used to master his radio shows himself, trying to EQ his voice was a bit tricky for him – so I offered to help.

When you are mastering your own voice, you have no idea how other people hear you and what your voice sounds like to others. When you speak, your voice vibrates through your cheekbones straight to your inner ear – completely bypassing the outer ear.

So, you really need someone with a fresh pair of ears to help get your voice sounding right.

The music that Scooby plays is already mastered. There is little left for me to do with that other than to get it to all the same volume.

But, Scooby has a harsh sounding voice, full of colloquialisms and utterances that may seem alien to people outside of North Yorkshire. So, I have tried to make his voice sound a bit less dynamic and more hushed. This is because Scooby is aired at 2am on American radio and his normal, outdoor voice would wake everybody in Oregon.



We record the show in Creao Studio every Thursday and I am never sure what Scooby will pull out of his record bag. So, go grab yourself a coffee and sit in your comfy chair. Stick the above show on and listen to it – Scooby’s voice is as mellow as it has been for years. To hear more of The Sound Of Wonder, click HERE.

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