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Order music mastering online with a professional mastering studio. We are based in Yorkshire but we work globally – you can order mastering here. Prices start at £20.

"Dearest Andy is a wonderful multi-faceted musician/artist who's talents not only lie in the crafts associated with his fine ears and eyes, but also his patient and persistent pursuit of tweaking the mastering demands of his colleagues to achieve beautiful art. Adam and I - as BirdWorld - as well as all the artists associated with the rework record we are about to release on Focused Silence (also run by Andy), are delighted with how the master of this record has turned out and proud to say it was done by Sigil of Brass. We strongly recommend this service to anyone seeking to master their record to a high level of professional quality."

Gregor R.


"I have been making music for more than 20 years, and only on few rare occasions I have found a mastering studio of such high quality as "Sigil Of Brass": They really know how to process each track in a 100% professional way. I am really very grateful for the work done by "Sigil Of Brass". They have done an EXCELLENT job, and I am very happy with the PERFECT result of the mastering. Absolutely recommended!"

Alejandro R.


"Andy has been Mastering my radio shows (over 200 shows over one format or another) and he was quick to pick up on how I wanted my sound. He was very good at mastering my eclectic sounds to get what I wanted."

Stewart T.


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