So, Why Get My Music Mastered At Sigil Of Brass?

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It is simple, really; we use the best gear on the market and we have the best training to get your music sounding the best that it can sound. We are confident that we will hit the nail on the head first time around, but if you want a second pass then we will work with you until you are happy with the finished result.

You can order mastering direct from this website – all you need to do is click the button below…

We use industry standard equipment to get your tracks sounding as sweet as you want – and prices start from £25 a track. Have a look at the pricing table below to get a flavour of what we are about – a bespoke service should not cost an arm and a leg, but it is nice to know you are buying quality.

Set yourself apart from the amateurs and get your music mastered by Sigil Of Brass – the Mastering Studio in Yorkshire. We are a two-man team and we have decades of Audio experience between us.

mastering studio

Andy Backhouse

Mastering Engineer, Sound Artist & Label Boss

mastering studio

Allan Smyth

Mastering Engineer & Audio Visual Guru

If you need to hear some of our work – the results of our Mastering, have a word with us and we can send you links. And, with an increasing body of industry clients this number is growing.

We started off with no expectations. We started off learning to Master for the sake of our own music – we are now the people we wished we knew when we were just setting out; we are a guiding hand in getting your music ready for commercial use.

See, that is what Mastering is about – it is the bridge between the studio and the hi-fi. We make music commercially ready and we make it commercially ready to a high standard. Just look at some of our testimonials –

I have been making music for more than 20 years, and only on few rare occasions I have found a mastering studio of such high quality as “Sigil Of Brass”: They really know how to process each track in a 100% professional way. I am really very grateful for the work done by “Sigil Of Brass”. They have done an EXCELLENT job, and I am very happy with the PERFECT result of the mastering. Absolutely recommended!


Alejandro R.

I had 5 tracks mastered by the Studio. And now they definitely sound much more detailed and comfortable for perception from different sound sources and in various environments. Good mastering service also makes me confident that I did a good job too while recording, processing and mixing because I feel when listening to the final product that my vision, balance of my textures are understood by mastering engineer and are ready to be conveyed to audience in a better way as complete and solid idea. And this is exactly what I got from Andy.


Yuri Z.

Mastering can be seal the fate of a demo – it sets you apart from the wannabe amateurs and shows the label (or promotor) that you are serious. It really is a deal breaker.

We have trained hands and trained ears – we want to work with you to get your tracks to the highest standard they can be. Choose to succeed and choose Sigil of Brass.

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