Are You Thinking Of Getting Music Mastered?

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Are you thinking of getting some professional Mastering for your music? You may not be fully aware or may even be skeptical of how much mastering makes a difference to the way a song sounds. And, you’re not to blame. Since pretty much all the songs ever released have been mastered, it’s difficult to hear what they would sound like if they weren’t mastered.

Since we’re an online mixing and mastering service, we receive thousands of unmastered songs and our job is to master them, we have a pretty good idea of what mastering can (and can’t) do for your songs. In other words, most people’s ears have never heard a raw mix, so they don’t have an “unmastered reference point” for what mastering does. Another way to look at mastering is as the final check on your music.

It’s getting someone with a fresh set of unbiased ears to make the final tweaks before you release your songs out to the world.

Why would you want to do this?

One reason would be so that they play better on varying sound systems. A good mastering engineer will not make your songs sound worse. And, they will not hamper your song’s creativity. Through a dialogue, they’ll likely understand the sound you’re going for. Sigil Of Brass will help get you there (their only limit being the quality of the recording and mix of course).

Most of the time, mastering engineers will be addressing the problem frequencies in your song. For example; a lot of times, we’ll get songs that don’t have any low end. And, the person who mixed it has no idea, because the room they mixed it in didn’t tell them.

So another thing mastering engineers will do is try to add missing frequencies or cut frequencies that have been overemphasised. This is usually caused by a poor listening environment and/or someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

So to recap, does mastering make a difference? It most certainly does and you’ll get the most bang for your buck when you have a song that’s been mixed professionally. Email me. I’d love to hear any objections you have toward mastering? Why haven’t you had your song mastered? If you have had your song mastered? Did someone good do it? And did you hear the difference?

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