Using A Third-Party App For Your Security

by | Jun 1, 2020 | News | 0 comments

We have signed up to a third party app so that you are guaranteed safety in your transactions. We figure that we needed to go the extra step so that people knew they had the safety net of a larger corporation backing them up, to be safe when handling their music.

We are now members of SoundBetter – the Spotify-owned platform for music professionals. If you have a mastering studio and you are reading this then we recommend that you sign up – it has been good for us. 

SoundBetter is a platform that protect both parties when you are needing the help of a professional in sorting your music.

Sigil of Brass, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter

We have had quite a bit of work from Japan, thanks to the app – a place we did not think we would get much of a foothold had it not been for the app.

So, if you are wary about using our form, get in contact using SoundBetter – it is perfectly safe and you have the backing of a larger ‘big brother’ to help you out should anything not be to your liking. It is a winner for both us and you.

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