Our Mastering Studio Is Still Open, Despite Coronavirus

by | May 2, 2020 | News | 0 comments

We did consider furloughing – but, Creao Studio have given us the keys to the studio and we are open for business. We are still trading and we can get your music mastered to how you want it. 

With Covid-19 going around, it has pretty much paused the larger end of the music industry. We are staying open for the smaller artists. So, if you are an independent artist and you are after Mastering for your music then get in contact. We are hoping to help.

Coronavirus has meant that we have had to change the way we work. We are observing advanced hygiene practices when we are in the studio and there is only one person in the studio at a time – this ensures that Social Distancing is observed at all times.

We are almost working on a Shift pattern – one person in in the morning and then one of in the afternoon to approve / edit the tracks.

It is working well and our mastering studio is still open, despite coronavirus.

So, if you are hoping to have your music master for a price that starts at £25 get in contact.

Did you know you can order
Music Mastering directly from this website?

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