First Quarter Round Up

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Q1 Round-Up: Well, where did that go! It is halfway through March and I had better write a blog post to keep you all up to date with developments. The months have been slow as it always is at this time of year – there is noo sunshine and this means the trek to the studio is a bit more forlorn. Still, it is better than just sitting at home doing all of this mastering.

I have been working with Focused Silence’s Artists on a number of projects. Focused Silence is the label run by myself that puts out experimental music; noise, field recordings and avant-garde Jazz. It is a lot of fun and keeps me going into town to post off the CDs and Cassettes.

First Quarter Round Up

There have been numerous outings for me as a Mastering Engineer with the label in the first Quarter – notably, Downtrend Shapes Renewal had a track played on National Spanish Radio. I have been told it is the equivalent of 6Music in the United Kingdom – but on an experimental radio show called Atmósfera, presented by Elena Gómez. That was quite a coup.

Then Downtrend Shapes Renewal asked me to master his side project off the back of that – which really was a pleasure.

First Quarter Round Up

I then set about mastering an EP called 0:00 by LI YILEI, that will appear on The Wire Tapper CD this March – very pleased with that. 30,000 CDs have been pressed of The Wire Tapper and goodness knows how many Downloads of the CD there will be. I mastered that EP.

I have also been working alongside an artist from Bratislava on their work. Total ET produces long-form soundscapes and they can be a bit tricky to master – but, I am getting quite good at it now.

First Quarter Round Up

Things here have been either flat out or not happening – either way I always give my clients one-hundred per cent of my time and attention until they are happy with the end product. If you want em master your tracks then please get in contact using the form below. We can start a conversation and talk about achieving what you want to get from the tracks you have made.

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