A New Team Member

by | Nov 20, 2019 | News | 0 comments

I am very excited for the future of Sigil Of Brass. See, I have taken on a new partner in the business. We will be sharing responsibilities for the day to day mastering of the audio. But, I (Andy) will be responsible for the admin. I have teamed up with Allan Smyth from Creao Studio.

Allan brings with him 35+ years experience in Audio and the arts. Some of this is as a Mastering Engineer at previous studios in Leeds. I rent the room from Allan for the mastering of the music I am sent.


Why did I take on a partnership with Allan? Well, the man has some of the best ears I have had the pleasure of seeing in operation. He can isolate frequency bands and then act on them to improve the mix. Allan is an old-school professional and he will be more than welcome here.

After all, a second opinion is a good thing to have. If we do not have walk in clients but our task is to master a track that has been emailed to us… It is then we will need a second opinion. Allan has been unofficially officiating in that role since the inception of Sigil Of Brass. But, it is good to make things concrete and have his name here.

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