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Several things have happened in such short succession that I can only gasp at the timing. I have been invited to teach at Creao Academy and I have been tasked with the mastering of the radio shows on Harrogate Community Radio. Both are an extreme privilege to be considered for. I’m pinching myself.

Harrogate’s New Radio Station

I was instrumental in setting up Harrogate Community Radio. Harrogate Community Radio is a grass-roots movement to give people in the local community a voice. To give everyone who feels under-represented a voice for change. The original ethos behind the Harrogate Community Radio movement is to unite the separate music scenes in Harrogate and bring about an umbrella for local producers, musicians, hosts and talent.

We feel there is a lack of opportunity in the local area for local grass-roots acts to get a foot hold – this is, where I hope we will come in; acting as a springboard to future, greater careers. We are a local media outlet led by the local community. A democratic outlet for local groups and bodies to have a voice.

We aim to –

  • Bring disparate groups together.
  • Be a launchpad to future excellence in media for our volunteers.
  • We aim for “Community Cohesion.”
  • We aim to offer skills development for budding podcasters and radio show hosts.
  • We do not want to work with “specific groups” – we want to work with everyone.

Harrogate Community Radio is an idea that a town can be united through music. There are many different scenes in Harrogate, North Yorkshire – and, we are the richer for it – but is there anywhere where people can unite and feel part of something greater? We hope that Harrogate Community Radio will be that place.

So then, I have been asked to master the majority of unmastered shows for Harrogate Community Radio – you can read more about the station (and tune in) HERE. The challenge is more with spoken word shows, as seen below – the real issue is not to edit out the ‘ums’ & ‘ahs’ but to get the levels right – this is done using a specialist compressor that gets the levels all to -16LUFS, which is podcast level. 

Harrogate’s Music Tech Academy

Another point that I am pleased about is that I have been invited to teach Podcasting Tutorials at Creao Academy. You can read about Creao Academy HERE. Creao Academy is the music technology academy in Harrogate and we offer lessons to beginners and seasoned pros alike. We offer DJ Lessons, Sound Desk Lessons & Podcasting Lessons. We can instruct you on how you can develop your passion.

Between us, the tutors have decades of teaching experience. Be this teaching in Higher Education or helping bands learn how to use their newly purchased equipment. We have the best Tutors Harrogate has to offer because they all ‘do’ what they teach professionally. We are a trio of like-minded people who met when Harrogate Community Radio was founded. We clicked and the rest is history. So, if you are just starting out or you are a professional but need a refresher with new gear then get in contact.

Episode #155

by Andy Backhouse | The Parish News

Georgia’s Podcast was made using a Tascam USB Mic and The Parish News was recorded using a Shure SM7B & Focsrite Clarrett.

So, I have two podcasts here, on this post – this shows you what I can do to get your podcast sounding level and adjusted. However, it really depends on the gear used to record it – you could throw all the best mastering at a recording but if there is a bad raw file then it will not polish to a shine. My tip would be to invest a bit more in your mic and soundcard than to hope Mastering can polish off the imperections.

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