Well, 2020 and the first half of 2021 were terrible; eighteen months of no income. But, there are some who had it far worse than us – it was a virus that cost a lot of people dearly. We are lucky enough to have escaped the worst of the virus – we have stories of people being hospitalised, or worse, through Coronavirus. Covid-19 was not much fun and as a result, the studio was paused for the duration of the virus. We were closed for around eighteen months.

We did think about trying to continue as mastering engineers in our own time – bringing the studio’s equipment with us to our own respective flats and houses. But, in the end we realised we would not be doing the musicians who send us their music any justice.

There was a growing swell amongst some libertarian musicians of our age to say that the Pandemic was a Government ploy to insert Bill Gates’ microchips in to everyone. Get a grip, people died.

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