We Are (Over) Half Way Through 2019

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Q2 Round-Up: We are half way through July so I thought I would write up what happened in Q2 of 2019 for Sigil Of Brass. It has been a good month with lots of work coming in through the door – we have sorted the website out so that people can upload audio from the Order Confirmation Screen when they pay for mastering. You can see the Page where that is sorted out HERE or you can click on the button below.

Tracks that I have mastered have featured on Podcasts and radio shows as well as having write up in the local and National Press – plus online. Things have been good, thanks. One of the works I have been Mastering is Colophon by ifitisn’t – for more on ifitisn’t please see their website at www.ifitisnt.xyz

Here’s Some Of My Work

One of the albums I am proud of is Total E.T.’s one-track album P.A.S.T. It is a great one-piece album and it was really tricky to get a grip on – a lot happens in the forty+ minutes of the track. The dynamics are all over the place and it really was an adrenaline rush to get it mastered – I enjoyed that work and talking with the artist secured the right mix.

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