So … That Was December

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So … that was December. I hope you do not mind but I will start writing a series of monthly blog posts, wrapping up the month that has just been. I cover other Blog categories in other posts, but this is a historical record of what I have been up to over the past month.

Recently, I have been working flat out with my long-term associates Sound Of Wonder.

The Sound Of Wonder is a podcast that gets recorded each week in Creao Studio – I am the man manning the desk for the audio and I am the man who masters the thing.

The Sound Of Wonder is a weekly podcast that plays music – so, I have to get all of the speech and the music at the same volume. I then bounce it down as a WAV and I run it through LC2Normalise by T&C to get the volumes correct for distribution. the plugin is quite good in that there is still a lot of dynamic range when you listen back to the recording.

To get the spoken links just right, when recording them, I use the E.N.C.N. Principle.


E – Equalise: Set your parametric equaliser to achieve Loudness Maximise. This boosts the high and the bass.


N – Normalise #1: Normalise the spoken link to -0.96DB


C – Compress: Compression with a Knee of 2:1


N – Normalise #2: Normalise a second time so that it brings everything back up.

This will get your vocal sound great for spoken links on the radio – it gives a very rich, full timbre with plenty of presence.

I also parted hard-earned cash for a set of products by Elysia – Elysia brings the development and production of high-quality audio equipment featuring that certain something. They do not want to settle for the status quo and rehash existing concepts time and again. Their goal is to adapt their products to current demands in everyday studio life.

The initiators of the company founded in Nettetal (Germany) in 2005 are Ruben Tilgner and Dominik Klaßen. Affected by countless live and studio experiences as well as many years of pro audio occupation, they finally created Elysia in order to make their personal sound philosophy come true. Then as now, everyone in the team plays multiple instruments and has their own projects as musicians and engineers. We dare say we know what we are doing. And why.

The independence of our enterprise enables them to follow extreme paths in our work. They like to try a lot, and we are only satisfied when there is nothing left to improve. Besides, they never discard unconventional ideas airily – they test all of them and never form their final opinion before doing so. Their most important rule is that the ear always comes first, but they also like to please the eye by reflecting the inner values of their processors on the outside with an eye-catching design. I am made-up with the compressors and processors I have from them.

So … that was December. I will be shutting up shop for the festive period until the New Year – I can still receive new music via the transfer link (see below) and I will be actively downloading it to find an excuse to get out of the dishes. I wish you and yours all the best for the festive period and I wish you a balanced, dynamic start to 2019.


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