Alternative Mix

£15.00 / Track

  • Alternative mixes are versions of a track that can be mastered using the same settings as settings as the main mix.
  • This would typically be an instrumental, acapella, TV/PA mix or edit, vocal up, vocal down, clean, explicit, radio etc.
  • Tracks returned within 24 hours of the order being placed.


An Alternative Mix Of The Track

Mastering for albums, singles, EPs & DJ Mixes – we also offer Stem Mastering. Based in Yorkshire. For enquiries, please email us at [email protected]. Or, get in contact on the Contact page. If you want to use us through a third-party app, try and find Sigil Of Brass onSoundBetter.

At our professional Music Mastering Studio, we can get your track how you want it. There are as many revisions on the mastering process you need but we reckon we will hit it right first time. We will work on your audio until you are happy. Sigil Of Brass has has mastered albums that have, in turn, had stellar write-ups in the national and international press. These write-ups include 5* Reviews in The Wire, Rockerilla & Gonzo Circus.